Layla’s Vision (in progress)

Layla shared early on that her vision was to earn enough money to purchase a home for homeless families. Not wanting to hinder her vision, all we could do was say, “Ok, let’s get to work. It will cost a lot of money to be able to purchase a home.” Because we knew it would take several years to save enough money to make such a substantial purchase, Layla began targeting critical organizations in our community who serve homeless and/or vulnerable families to make donations throughout the year. She generally makes donations twice a year, around her birthday, and then when the need arises in the community.

The coronavirus pandemic has produced new needs and an increased desire to have an impact. Layla is so excited to support the various community organizations assisting the most vulnerable members of our community. Upon opening her storefront for regular curbside business hours, she is now donating weekly to a community organization.

We also recently launched a Patronicity campaign, “Save the Icing.” This crowdfund event will help us secure PPE (personal protective equipment), a new commercial oven, and refrigeration to keep the icing “cool” during and after these summer months. You can learn more about the process and success of the campaign in a future story. Thank you to everyone for your support! Together, we are making a difference!